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What Do You Learn in a Chinese Astrology Course?

Taking a Chinese astrology course can get you started in the most insightful systems, such as BaZi, which is also known as the Eight Characters of the Four Pillars. It’s also an integral part of learning astropsychology, so you can gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of oneself and your environment as they relate to the alchemy of the elements.

Learn BaZi

Top astropsychology courses tackle aspects of Chinese astrology, such as BaZi. Consider a program that offers a simple and comprehensive study online. It teaches the Four Pillars of Destiny, the Chinese astrological concept of predicting an individual’s identity based on two sexagenary cycle characters assigned to their birth year, day, month, and hour.

BaZi is one of the most important topics in a Chinese astrology course because it is the second energy grid that makes up the human physique. It is split into two lines of four squares. In an e-learning course, you will learn that a terrestrial line is at the bottom, and another is at the top. Reading starts from the root to the sky (bottom to top), and when all eight squares align, they create the four pillars of fate.

Understand your life in a more meaningful way

Every BaZi pillar pertains to a moment and sector of your life, and the Chinese astrology course will teach you how to interpret them. For instance, the first pillar is the hour, the second is the day, the third is the month, and the fourth is the year. The pillars are significant in Chinese fortune-telling, making them important to master when training in BaZi.

The course can also teach you to read other people to gain insights into how different elements relate to each other and makes up one’s emotional energy, personality, health, physiology, and more. The course can also help you understand yourself better, so you can lead a healthier and happier life while helping others achieve the same.

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