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What Are Some Astropsychology Companies, Based on Chinese Astrology, in the USA?

There’s no limit to the resources and learning materials you can find on the internet if you are interested in a subject. But nothing compares to learning from experts themselves, no matter your field of choice. When it comes to Astropsychology, you can gain more valuable lessons with the help of a reputable psychology company in the USA.

Energy Nine is among the top psychology companies in the USA. It specializes in teaching Astropsychology with a focus on Chinese astrology.

The Emergy Nine Astropsychology course helps people understand their energetic consciousness and provides insight into the environment around them.

If you’re curious about life and want to improve spiritually, this course is perfect for you. You’ll be provided with all the tools and key information needed for growth.

The course is separated into two modules, one discussing Chinese astrology and the other focusing on Occidental astrology. The first lesson will introduce you to the solar system’s energy grid. The second and third parts delve into the history of the Chinese zodiac and the personalities of different Chinese zodiac signs. The course also explains how the second energy grid works—the grid that filters energies from the planets into human beings. It likewise covers BaZi–the Four Pillars of Destiny, otherwise known as “eight characters” in Chinese astrology. This is the belief that a person’s destiny can be determined by the two sexagenary cycle characters assigned to when they were born (their birth hour, day, month, and year). Finally, the course compares Chinese astrology with Occidental astrology.

The Energy Nine Astropsychology course can be downloaded online. You can learn at your own pace from this leading psychology company in the USA and take the first step toward a deeper understanding of yourself and better stewardship of your future.

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