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Looking for Energy Psychology Courses?

As you learn the foundations of astropsychology, you may be interested in pursuing further study in one or more of its critical topics. One of these is energy psychology, a branch of learning that acknowledges Chinese elements as energy flows and that each has its own psyche. Enrolling in an energy psychology certification course can increase your proficiency in the subject while providing an understanding of how those elements work together in an infinite cycle of generation (begetting) and destruction (domination).

What can you learn?

Energy psychology courses discuss elements in the universe and how they can be categorized as earth, fire, wood, water, and metal. The law of cause and effect states that the changes we see in the world are due to a prior event. When they occur in any field, it’s because of how the elements work with or against each other.

In energy psychology, the five elements are in a continuous state of flux where each can successively gain prominence at different times throughout a natural cycle. Accumulation of these elements can impact your health and well-being. As such, traditional Chinese medicine refers to them for an understanding of a person’s pathology and physiology. After earning your energy psychology certification, you should already know that a specific element is also connected to different body organs, senses, flavors, emotions, and colors.

Master Chinese Energy Flows

The best energy psychology courses encourage mastery of Chinese energy flows. The ideal program is short, comprehensive, and allows students to study at their own pace. Online messaging and chat platforms, such as Discord, may be used to interact with other students and the teacher. The course also covers atom psychology to build a fundamental understanding of the mechanics of consciousness beyond Chinese and Western astrology.

Upon successful completion, you will earn the energy psychology certification to show proficiency in the Eastern cycles of destruction and creation. It also proves your understanding of the five elements, their energies, and their interrelations.

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