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How to Use Astrology and Psychology Study in Your Life

The study of the mind, and that of the stars, when combined, results in Astropsychology. But astrology and psychology studies are more than just theoretical. Together, these two fields can help you make better sense of the things happening in your life, and you can learn all about them in a reputable center for psychological astrology.

The real-life applications of astrology and psychology study

  • In your behavior

You may have heard that planetary bodies can influence your personality and the way you behave, and this claim is not far from the truth. Your zodiac sign is most often associated with your character—people with Taurus placements are pragmatic and sensual, while Scorpios are private and powerful.

But that’s not all. The movement of the sun can also determine your behavior during a certain period. For example, the Aries season, which happens from late March to April, is associated with determination, desire, and aggression.

  • In your relationships

Astrology and psychology studies can also predict how successful—or fruitless—a relationship will be. Compatibility is key, especially between a pair’s Sun and Moon placements. For example, a Capricorn’s need for safety and security can be fulfilled by a like-minded Virgo or Taurus.

Of course, this doesn’t just apply to your romantic relationships. Learning more about astrology can help you build stronger connections with people from all walks of life and become more empathetic.

  • In your career

Which career path is best for you? This will depend greatly on your preferences and affinities, but did you know that astrology may also influence your choices? Leos, for instance, are ambitious and confident, making them excel in leadership or influential positions. Meanwhile, Scorpios thrive in fields that allow them to help others, such as medicine, engineering, or psychology.

Want to learn more about using astrology and psychology in your daily life? Consider enrolling in a center for psychological astrology like Energy Nine. They offer a variety of courses for those seeking opportunities in Astropsychology, whether you want a career in the field or simply wish to broaden your perspective.

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