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How to Apply BaZi Astrology Training in Real Life

Have you recently completed a BaZi online course? Now, it’s time for the real test—using your newfound knowledge in your daily life. So, where do you start?

Applying your BaZi astrology training in real life

  • Find out your luck

BaZi, or the Four Pillars of Destiny, is a significant part of Chinese fortune-telling. In practice, BaZi is most commonly used to predict the 10-year luck pillar, a period in one’s life when one may receive good or bad luck. This changes every ten years, hence the name.

How does it work? There are three important aspects to consider: an individual’s gender, the year they were born, and the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches. So, for example, if a man is born during a Yang year, the 10-year luck pillar is arranged in a forward order.

  • Choose a career

BaZi astrology training can also help you find your ideal career and industry. Overall, this reading will depend on the Five Elements of Chinese astrology, which is related to the different natures of certain careers.

Consider people with the Wood element in their BaZi, for example. Yang Wood individuals are known as confident trailblazers, while Yin Wood individuals are excellent analyzers and team builders. As a result, the best career paths for them include IT and cybersecurity, furniture and interior design, and healthcare.

  • Improve your romantic relationship

Finally, you can use BaZi for marriage matching or finding the harmony between the Five Elements in two individuals, such as a couple. BaZi will tell you whether or not a couple’s respective birth years and fortunes are compatible with each other, allowing you to predict the nature of the marriage and prevent unfavorable situations.

According to BaZi, getting married to someone over six years older than you is not recommended because of incompatible elements. Moreover, you can refer to methods such as Evil Spirit matching, Zodiac matching, and Four Pillars matching to discover conflicting aspects.

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