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Fundamentals of Occidental Astrology Course

Occidental astrology is the more mainstream system in western countries. As you study the fundamentals of astropsychology, you may want to pursue your occidental astrology certification down the line to gain a more holistic approach and view of the universe. That means signing up for a course that can teach you about horoscopes.

Understanding western astrology

Western or occidental astrology is based on the Tetrabiblos of Ptolemy from the second century CE, continuing the Babylonian and Hellenistic traditions. It is predominantly horoscopic, as it uses a horizon chart for divining information on a specific moment, such as when someone was born. The chart considers variables like location and time zones, as these can affect the positioning of certain cosmic bodies believed to influence events.

Astrology is often reduced to sun sign astrology in western popular culture. As such, it considers only the position of the sun during a person’s birth. Meanwhile, Chinese astrology has 13 million potential charts, which is significantly greater than the 500 possible variations of charts you’ll learn in an occidental astrology course. As such, oriental astrology is deemed more accurate.

Study both occidental and oriental astrology

It may be best to study both western and eastern astrology for a comprehensive image of the cosmic forces influencing our lives. Besides, there are interchangeable aspects between Western and Chinese zodiacs, allowing more insight into a person’s destiny and personality. So, apart from earning your occidental astrology certification, consider delving deeper into the BaZi or the four pillars of destiny, which refers to the month, date, year, and time of birth. It can be translated into the western astrological language to help more people understand.

Build the foundation for learning

Whether finished with an occidental astrology course or looking to further your learning, consider pursuing a beginner-friendly program in oriental astropsychology to expand your horizons. It may help you become more effective in understanding the universe and how it influences an individual.

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