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Atom Astrology Course – English

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The Atom Astrology is based on 4 lessons. This course aims to explain the complexity of your personality through theory, practice, mechanisms and astrological comparisons. Personal development still has a future ahead of it.

The first part presents the soul, the descendant, the ascendant, the prism of consciousness in the body and the BaZi. This is the theory.

The second part presents the calculation of the prism of consciousness. This is the practice.

The third part presents the functioning of the prism of consciousness. These are the mechanics.

The fourth part presents the differences between the astrologies. These are the comparisons.

In “Account Login”, free resources are provided, as well as a link to the Discord forum for your questions.

This course is for people who are spiritual and curious about life, who want to have the keys to evolve. It is the present choices that define your future.

There is a saying that the ways of the Lord are inscrutable, not with this course.

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