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Basics of BaZi e-Learning!

BaZi is the Chinese art of analyzing one’s destiny. In this system, each person is believed to be born with a set of energies that can define our current and future statuses. Destiny encompasses fate and character, and knowing that can be advantageous, especially when going through challenging periods and on our good days, so we can make wiser decisions and understand ourselves better. Taking a BaZi course online can help you navigate the subject and the Four Pillars of Destiny.

Where to study BaZi?

Learners traditionally attend in-person classes, but today, there are institutions offering BaZi eLearning for more convenience. An online learning program will teach you the basics of the Chinese astrological concept and other comprehensive topics in a simplified manner. It also provides the training you need to navigate the Chinese zodiac in a self-paced manner.

Why study it?

The Four Pillars of Destiny is the Chinese astrological concept predicting an individual’s destiny. It looks into two sexagenary cycle characters assigned to their birth month, day, hour, and year. BaZi is the second energy grid of the human physique and is divided further into two lines of four squares.

BaZi course online indicates a terrestrial line at the bottom, and another at the top, reading from the root to the sky or bottom to top. When the eight squares align, they create the four pillars of fate.

Every pillar represents a moment and sector of one’s life, and the online training program can teach you to interpret it. BaZi is also critical in Chinese fortune-telling, so you should master it during training. The four pillars determine every stage of life, and each governs for 16 years:

  • Year pillar – age 1 to 16
  • Month pillar – age 17 to 32
  • Day pillar – age 33 to 48
  • Hour pillar – age 49 and beyond

An ideal BaZi eLearning course trains you to read your and other people’s Four Pillars of Destiny. A proper reading can give insights into the relationships between the elements that make up a person’s personality, health, emotional energy, and physiology. The BaZi course online can help you understand yourself well, so you can healthily and happily and help others do the same.

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