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Atom astrology is a branch of astro-psychology like Occidental astrology or Chinese astrology. We will study the atomic composition of your consciousness. Who are you energetically? What is your psychological skeleton? What is your knowledge to be? What is your knowledge to do? All the answers are not to be found in the traditional school, but in an academy of astropsychology.

Where can I study astrology?

You can study on this site with online courses in academy of astropsychology. A forum Discord is available in the account login where you can ask your questions after the astrology and psychology training.


Who am I?

Energy Nine is an USA psychology company created in August 2022 to accompany people in their self-knowledge. Are you looking to understand your consciousness? Are you looking for your professional orientation? You feel like you are stagnating and you want to evolve? Are you looking for the job that suits you? You will find it in an astropsychology training or by asking for your prism code. Energy Nine has decoded the matrix for you with its solution around the atom.

When can I study astrology?

The lessons are available all year round, being on server. You choose your own schedule in USA psychology company. This is what we call “dematerialized course”.

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Who is Energy Nine?

My name is Alexandre Lemaire. I am 44 years old and I am an energy analyst. I offer an energetic analysis of your consciousness. Knowing how to be and how to do are fundamental bases to establish a stable life in the personal and professional.
My work consists in structuring your head by determining the energies which compose it and thus allowing you to evolve in the good direction.

What is the sign of year? And the month?

Rabbit of Yin Water 2023.

Rabbit of Yin Wood from 06/03 to 04/04.

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rabbit sign
rabbit sign

What is the new BaZi system?

The new BaZi is the grid that captures the atom energy of the solar system on the Earth using the hour, day, month and year of birth.

the new bazi
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tree of life

How much does course or prism code in astro-psychology cost?

Astrology and psychology training costs $300. If you wish to know the identity of your consciousness, prism code costs $50.

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